Using the Cloud Doesn’t Need to Be an All or Nothing Decision.

By CMD Technology Group

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Organizations often feel that the cloud in general means they will save money and potentially reduce IT staff. The hope is to avoid spending large amounts of capital building infrastructure, mitigating costly repairs and upgrade cycles, or staffing large IT departments to maintain it. But such thinking doesn’t represent the true advantages of cloud infrastructure. One advantage the cloud can provide you is the ability to spend more time building and creating, rather than fixing and maintaining. 

The cloud, however, isn’t a perfect fit for every organization and we believe that any messaging to the contrary is likely the result of clever marketing. But there are design strategies that can help organizations streamline their IT infrastructure.


Citrix Cloud allows organizations to move the Citrix Control Plane and its management into the cloud, without hosting any VDAs itself. This means your virtual apps and desktop workloads can reside on-premise or on a cloud platform of your choosing. This gives administrators the ability to reduce their infrastructure footprint without changing the experience and performance users expect. 

In its purest form, Citrix Cloud consists of Studio, Director, Licensing, Workspace, Delivery Controllers and SQL. All added infrastructure and licensing to support these components become the responsibility of Citrix Cloud, essentially offloading them from your IT stack.


  • Is the management of the Citrix Control and Access Planes currently a burden for your IT staff?  

  • Do you have the proper skillset within your IT staff to deploy and manage these resources on-premise or in your private cloud? Is Citrix Cloud cost effective for your organization?

  • Is your company open to a cloud first strategy?  

  • Do you currently have resources located in the cloud?  

  • Are there features and functionality not yet available in Citrix Cloud required by your organization? 


Having a partner who understands the nuances of the cloud and who is focused on making the right decisions for your organization is key to a successful cloud strategy, even if that cloud strategy currently is, “the cloud isn’t a fit at this time.”

CMD Technology Group has helped numerous clients move from on-premise data centers into private cloud data centers. We have helped configure cloud services for clients across many vendors, including Citrix. We have also helped customers move back from the cloud to on-premise data centers. 

In each case we provide a comprehensive assessment addressing the goals of the organization and design tailored solutions. These assessments ensure that you have a clear expectation of how we can help and give you peace of mind knowing your best interest is our priority.

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