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23 JUL 2019

Modern Networks for Modern Apps

At last! Objections have been overcome, and uncertainties from management have been resolved. Now you’re ready to migrate some workloads to the cloud. Congratulations! But before you take the next important step, ask yourself, “Do I have a secure, application-aware solution that makes it easy to connect branches to the cloud while also meeting performance and cost expectations?” Probably not.

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16 JUL 2019

Discover the Power of HCI

Last week we shared the eBook Enterprise Cloud for Dummies. It defined what the enterprise cloud is and what its components should be. Namely that it “is a model for IT infrastructure and platform services that delivers the advantages of public cloud services for enterprise applications without compromising on the value provided by private datacenter environments.”

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9 JUL 2019

What is the Enterprise Cloud?

More and more leading organizations are going beyond hyperconvergence and turning to an enterprise cloud strategy to bring the agility, simplicity, and pay-as-you-grow economics of public clouds to their datacenters. This book will help you understand what the enterprise cloud is and how to architect a cloud infrastructure to propel your organization into the future.

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