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16 OCT 2019

Security Solutions Tailored For You

Protecting what you already have doesn’t seem to hold the same appeal as bleeding-edge innovation. The same way no one gets excited by the tires that come with a brand new car. Even though those tires are crucial to the smooth ride of the vehicle, it’s handling, and most importantly, it’s safety. It’s easier to be diverted by the array of cool sensors, infotainment feature sets, and horsepower than the most innovative tire (Sorry Michelin). Take away those good tires, and you’ll undoubtedly notice though!

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24 SEP 2019

One Size Does Not Fit All: vGPU Profiles

In our previous HDX blog post, we explored the intersection of Citrix Virtual Desktops and HDX 3D Pro with NVIDIA Virtual GPU (vGPU).  Where HDX 3D Pro affords 3D graphics users the power of a GPU in their virtual desktop, NVIDIA vGPU allows multiple virtual machines simultaneous access to a single physical GPU.  By sharing a GPU among multiple workloads, questions arise around scalability and performance. How do we achieve cost-effective scalability without sacrificing the graphics performance of our VDI sessions?

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17 SEP 2019

Lazy or Working Smart?

In the old days (and not so old days), creating and maintaining a website or developing an app was such a tedious process. Most developers would create/update a website/application on their local PC and then via FTP (hello, utterly insecure) upload their changes to a single server. Many small IT shops would offer this service by hosting a server in their basement at home. The better ones would host on colocated servers. I’m surprised how many small firms are still hosting websites on these single points of failure. Changes were so slow and time-consuming that many just stopped updating their online presence or applications. 

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