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20 AUG 2019

The Whole World in Your Hands

Google Cloud Platform has definitely taken over the world. GCP is so ubiquitous that even if you don’t use GCP, you do. Just think, we don’t search for something, we Google it. Google has accomplished this, in part, with its massive, ever-expanding global private network and submarine cables. No other cloud provider comes close. GCP offers exceptional load balancing capabilities that take advantage of this private network and also provide peering even for those who do not use GCP.

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13 AUG 2019

Architect the Right Solution in Azure

Cloud infrastructure and deployments are usually an afterthought for most businesses. There are several reasons for this, but two are probably the most significant. The first reason is not anyone’s fault because it has to do with business age. A company that started 25 years ago could not foresee the cloud explosion. A business that opened the doors 5 years ago should have started with a cloud-first mindset, and for this blog, we will assume that’s the case. 

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6 AUG 2019

AWS AppStream—Making the Best Use of Your Budget

Tight budget? Lean IT staff? Ever-changing workforce? BYOD adoption? That’s the real world for many IT leaders. As we have addressed in the past, cost should not be the only consideration when deciding which technologies to implement. But the reality is that cost or investments can be the factor that weighs the heaviest when making decisions. We have never met an IT manager with an unlimited ​budget. You don’t always get what you pay for, and the most expensive isn’t always the best option.

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