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10 SEP 2019

Citrix HDX Technology

“One hundred high-end engineering desktops, please!” This is the message which drove a recent deployment of Citrix HDX 3D Pro with NVIDIA graphics accelerator cards. Graphic-intensive engineering apps meet Citrix Virtual Desktops.  To foster this kind of relationship, there are several key items to consider

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03 SEP 2019

Citrix HDX Technology

Citrix HDX stands for High Definition eXperience. It is the technology that makes the user desktop and application experience in a Citrix environment responsive. HDX is designed to provide optimal user experience, whether utilizing LAN, WAN, or mobile connections. It supports multimedia performance and allows for connectivity to peripherals and devices within a Citrix session. HDX Pro provides optimized performance for high resolution and 3D graphics when a GPU is available. 

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27 AUG 2019

Are You Prepared for Your Next Network Disaster?

Some technology leaders will prepare absolutely nothing for a disaster, then make a mad dash when a disaster is about to strike, such as ransomware, vulnerabilities, and outages. Or they make poor decisions because of the cost to implement a disaster recovery strategy. In the end, they all lead to a disaster that would have been avoidable.

On the other hand, some tech enthusiasts will spare no expense for their disaster preparedness planning…

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