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10 DEC 2019

The Speed of the Modern Workforce

Micro apps have been making headlines for some time now. The market looks for fresh new buzzwords to create excitement as the term “cloud” has grown increasingly commonplace. Micro apps, however, is not just a new buzzword, and it is starting to transform the IT landscape for both end-users and admins alike. The terms “mini” or “micro” have been coined to the evolution of technology for the past 50 years. Since the days of mainframe, computer hardware has become smaller, software has become more efficient, and marketing has scrambled to find ways to create noise around these advancements. 

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03 DEC 2019

Do Not Disturb

Alert fatigue and IT security teams are a critical issue, and it’s on the rise. The adoption of cloud computing means an increased range of attack vectors and more information to protect. Monitoring complex systems and numerous endpoints put a strain on resources, human and technical. According to a survey conducted by Bitdefender, 72% of CIOs say that alert fatigue is a big problem affecting their team. In addition to dealing with false alarms, there is the adrenaline rush that comes from coping with genuine threats and attacks. This constant level of high alert takes a toll on organizations and their people. Apathy increases and leaves companies less secure. 

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29 OCT 2019

Still Is an Expensive Mess

If you have ever tried correlating security events in your infrastructure, you know that it sounds just like the conversation between Don Lino and Sykes quoted above from the movie Shark Tale. Tracking down a series of events and what happened first is excruciatingly hard work. Did the attack vector start with user A’s PC, or was it user B’s? Or was it a security flaw on the firewall or the routers, or was it an SSH vulnerability. Was it a combination of all of them? But what happened first? “You said, “what” first.”- Sykes.

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