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8 APR 2019


There is a little confusion about what is the latest version of XenApp/XenDesktop. If you search for the latest version, you will find two results. So, how is it that both results are correct? In this week’s blog, our consultants discuss the advantages and questions you should consider before going left or right at this crossroad.

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8 APR 2019

The Remote Work Revolution Is Here, Are You Ready?

It’s more important than ever for business leaders to adopt new methods of work to stay competitive, agile and secure in the changing work landscape. A significant component in successfully achieving this lies in selecting the right technology that supports your workforce satisfaction and productivity.

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2 APR 2019

Utilizing StoreFront Resource Aggregation

Very recently, we had two unrelated projects that required the configuration of Resource Aggregation in StoreFront. They were looking for a better solution to organize their virtual apps and desktop, and ultimately mitigate user confusion. And we all know less confusion for the user can mean less trouble for us admins.

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