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Tips From Your Technology Specialists

18 JUN 2019


Backup Options

Recently, we have been asked several times about backing up XenServer Virtual Machines (VMs). At first, this struck us as odd because some of the people who asked have had a XenServer environment for a significant amount of time. Why didn’t they already have a backup solution in place?

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11 JUN 2019

Highway Into the Gravity Zone: Advanced Security for All Organizations—Part One

Unfortunately, news about security breaches and data theft are becoming more and more common. Don’t believe me? Just look here, and here, and here, and here…and that only covers the last three weeks! As disconcerting the frequency of such incidents can be, what is more troubling is that 56% of breaches take months or longer before they are discovered. That means statistically speaking, over half of you reading this article have suffered a security breach and don’t even know it yet.

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4 JUN 2019

Make Every Experience a Great One

Office 95, 97, 2000, XP…365. For nearly three decades, Microsoft has provided us one of the most ubiquitous office software suites, with updates every few years that continues to streamline and enhance our daily workflows. Over the years the delivery methods would evolve from large stacks of floppy disks (45 for Office 97) to CD-ROM and eventually digital downloads. Each update, however, represented tedium for IT, especially in the early days when each endpoint had to be updated manually. 

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