Understanding the Latest Citrix Product Names

By CMD Technology Group

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It’s happened again! Citrix; as in the past, has adopted new naming conventions for its product lines. The primary purpose of this change is to bring unity to the Citrix offerings. Also, the new names are meant to be more descriptive of their use.

But this is where it gets tricky. The new names are not replacing the names of existing product releases. Only products released after August 2018 will have the new naming convention. For instance, XenDesktop 7.18; released July 2018, was renamed ‘Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops 1808’ when released in August. Note that the version numbering also has meaning. Version 1808 refers to August 2018; the year followed by the month. So a release in November 2018 would be version 1811.

There are three main product categories or solution sets. Each offering will fall under one of these solution sets:

  • Analytics
  • Digital Workspace
  • Networking

Citrix Analytics refers to a Citrix environment analysis process. It is a new solution set; therefore it does not have a rename. 

Digital Workspace (Citrix Workspace) This is the new name for the application and data access solution set. The name changes in this set include:

Networking This solution set refers to the NetScaler line of offerings. The name changes in this set include:

Hopefully, this helps you understand references using the new naming conventions, and when these conventions change again, we’ll be sure to publish another guide to help you navigate the Citrix landscape.

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