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Are you stressed about moving to Office 365, or some other cloud-based software? You’re not alone. Organizations across industries are finding that the deployment of cloud apps tests even the most adept IT teams. Not to mention the hours of productivity that it can consume for everyone.

But now, there’s an easy, effective way to make the migration simpler, a secure digital workspace or desktop as a service (DaaS) such as Citrix Workspace, VMware, Nutanix Xi Frame, or Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD). These robust solutions not only help you complete migrations and software updates quickly and easily, but they also improve security and increase productivity by simplifying access to the critical apps that employees use every day.

Faster migration and easier management

Managing a variety of device types across multiple locations is a challenge for any IT team. Not to mention when you’re continually rolling out new software across the organization. Manually configuring programs across each device is a time-consuming process that distracts IT from higher-value work.

With a secure digital workspace, you can federate identity management for people working outside the office, often enabling single sign-on access to core applications. Each user can access the same cloud services from wherever they’re working and get a great experience, no matter what device and network they use.

Better security

It’s been clear for some time; apps are potentially the weakest point in an organization’s security profile. If apps are cloud-based, mobile or both it is especially so. By using a secure digital workspace, you can deliver SaaS apps securely and ensure the information residing in them is protected, no matter who on your team has access or where they use it.

Additionally, you can securely deliver these apps to a wide range of corporate and personal devices that your distinct user groups are relying on every day.

Increased workforce productivity

Even the best solution will fail without user adoption. No matter how secure and straightforward to manage a solution may be, its value is only realized if your employees adopt it. That’s why simple, streamlined user experiences are significant.

Careful consideration of digital workspace offerings from vendors shouldn’t focus on cost. Instead, it should analyze how a particular solution will empower the workforce. With the right tools, you can enhance your most precious resource; your employees, that’s where the real cost savings happen! We have helped many organizations strategize and implement the right solution for them. Please contact us if you have any questions or would like a free evaluation of your next system upgrade.¬† | (407) 442-0265

Traditional Workspaces vs. Secure Digital Workspaces – Infographic

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