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At last! Objections have been overcome, and uncertainties from management have been resolved. Now you’re ready to migrate some workloads to the cloud. Congratulations!

But before you take the next important step, ask yourself, “Do I have a secure, application-aware solution that makes it easy to connect branches to the cloud while also meeting performance and cost expectations?” Probably not. But no matter, you were probably planning on using your legacy WAN setup to connect to the cloud. We strongly recommend you don’t!

These days, companies of every size increasingly depend on cloud apps and services like Office 365 to make their business work. In most cases, they are easy to obtain, fast to set up and simple to use, especially if you’re working outside of the standard office and IT infrastructure. 

But there’s a catch! Many quickly begin to realize their performance is often limited by the legacy wide area (WAN) network(s) on which they run. That’s because cloud apps and services like Office 365 move data outside of the traditional network perimeter. Legacy WANs that use costly MPLS connections and backhaul traffic through centralized datacenters create performance issues. These connections are subject to latency from things like packet inspection, network hairpins, inadvertent connections to geographically distant endpoints, and other delaying factors. 

SD-WANs Provide More Throughput, Enhanced Reliability, and Lower Connectivity Costs.

In comparison, modern software-defined WANs (or SD-WANs) use inexpensive Internet connections to route SaaS traffic directly from remote locations. SD-WANs provide more throughput, enhanced reliability, and lower connectivity costs. And it gets better! They can identify your Office 365 traffic and route it to the nearest Microsoft front door to deliver up to five times faster uploads and up to 10 times faster downloads of data. That’ll make your users happy.

So what makes Citrix SD-WAN different from all the rest? For one, Citrix and Microsoft have teamed up to make it easy to migrate to the cloud with their new joint solution, Citrix SD-WAN for Microsoft Virtual WAN. It is designed to speed and automate network deployments of any size, and remove the complexities of connecting your branch offices to Azure.

With this new joint solution, you can: 

Save Time

Reduce the time it takes to connect branches to Azure from hours to just 15 minutes per site—because almost everything in the process is now automated


Simplify large-scale network expansions by using template-based cloning for multiple locations

Enhance Performance

Prioritize and optimize the delivery of latency-sensitive apps (like software for videoconferencing or online meetings) over less-critical application traffic

So whether you’re accessing virtual desktops, a traditional data center, or SaaS applications such as Office 365, you’ll be able to deliver an optimal user experience across your branch locations.

In short, to take advantage of today’s modern apps and services, you need a network that’s up to the challenge. To learn more about how Citrix SD-WAN and Microsoft Virtual WAN can deliver the future-ready network you need now, check out the two e-book download links below. See for yourself why Citrix SD-WAN for Microsoft Virtual WAN is the cloud on-ramp you’ve been waiting for.

Solution Brief

Citrix SD-WAN for Microsoft Azure

Discover how you can automate your approach to reliable cloud application delivery over WAN.

Citrix SD-WAN for Azure Virtual WAN

Are you a Microsoft Azure user? Learn how you can experience unified, global connectivity and security through simplified configuration and management.

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