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Nutanix was founded ten years ago with the mission to “make things invisible.” This mission included SAN, VDI, Cloud even the company itself, all designed to be invisible, meaning they want to provide the least amount of friction for network admins managing complex systems and just making it simple. And all of us here at CMD agree they took a giant leap in the direction of their mission path with their updates.

Xi Frame

Nutanix is a little late in the VDI game with Xi Frame, but their implementation of the technology was worth the wait. Essentially Xi Frame allows you to run any software through any browser, but the speed and choice offered to accomplish this is what impressed us. With one-click setup and deployment, you can provision up to 10,000 users per account in under an hour. Then you can choose to use public or private cloud infrastructures.

Xi Frame delivers the application interface to your browser as an optimized 60fps H.264 video stream. Mouse and keyboard actions are sent back to the cloud in real time, and the user interface updates fast enough to feel like the app is running locally. In a live demo, they showed Adobe Premiere, which is a resource intensive video editing program, and were able to edit in real-time, which is a genuine game changer for video production houses. 

AutoDesk the makers of AutoCAD have also developed an innovative use of Xi Frame with regards to software beta testing. If you’ve ever done a beta test, you know it’s best not to disturb your daily workstation with unstable beta software. If you have a workstation for testing, downloading, updating, and uninstalling test software, it is still a time-consuming affair. With Xi Frame, AutoDesk can release beta software without testers having to download or install any software. When AutoDesk receives feedback from testers and updates the software, everyone is automatically updated. 

Xi Leap

Common complaints with cloud-based DR solutions are cost, complicated configuration, and numerous fixes, taking up valuable time and hampering productivity for IT staffers. Xi Leap aims to make disaster recovery simple. They have eliminated the need for provisioning, configuring, and managing disparate cloud environments or multiple solutions for disaster recovery and it allows you to set up environments for test, failover, and fallback with a single click and without impact on your primary environment.

Xi Beam

Using multi-cloud infrastructure can mean access to the latest cutting-edge technologies, but it also means high costs and compliance considerations for your organization. Therefore a lot of organizations have taken the “not right now” stance to cloud migration. For those who have adopted multi-cloud, you have probably experienced the frustration of not having a clear view of the cloud and the cost leaks and vulnerabilities to those blind spots. 

Xi Beam looks at cloud consumption across multiple cloud services (public and private) and allows you to manage unused resources and reduce unnecessary spending. Beam’s real-time security compliance identifies critical cloud infrastructure vulnerabilities, along with specific remediation actions. Beam accomplishes this through 250 automated health checks and resolves vulnerabilities with a single click. 

Nutanix Mine

Nutanix Mine increases the functionality of their enterprise cloud OS to help simplify secondary storage operations. With a significantly extended partner list, operators can manage their Hyper-Converged Infrastructure (HCI) environment and backup operations from a single console, reducing the cost and complexity of storage management.

Nutanix Calm

With Calm, you can automate the provisioning of multi-cloud architectures, managing both multi-tiered and distributed applications across different cloud environments, from a single control plane. As far as compatibility, Calm supports most of the major public clouds (AWS, Azure, and GCP) as well as on-prem private clouds through AHV or ESXi.

With the automation protocols, Calm aims to eliminate the complexity and repetitive nature of resource delivery. With demands on IT rising faster than ever, the ability to streamline how you manage applications and support the business can be a huge help.

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