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6:00 am. Your day starts early, and you roll out of bed. Check your phone, three emails with updates at work. Over breakfast, you adjust your work schedule on your laptop. On the way to work, stop by the coffee shop. Meanwhile, you receive a call from a team member there’s an urgent project update. Quickly, out comes the laptop, connect to wi-fi, adjust the figures on the quarterly report. So much accomplished and you haven’t even stepped foot in the office nor is it even 9 am yet!  

Never before have there been so many ways for us to get work done. Mobile devices and apps allow us to be productive from anywhere, at any time. While it’s great for the business—it complicates life for IT. 

More options mean a more diverse enterprise environment. And diversity means complexity. Now IT has to secure, provision, patch, update, repair, and maintain all the software and hardware currently in use across the workforce.

Welcome to the complex world left in the wake of technology’s promise of simplicity. 

The good news is that, with a proper understanding of the tools and innovations created and developed by developers and cloud providers, you can simplify the complexity of modern workforce demands if you strategize, build a plan, and partner with the right solutions. A comprehensive discussion about the myriad of choices, combinations, and deployments would be far too long for this article to cover, but one area that typically generates to most complexity are meeting demands of the user. 

By managing the way, users access the programs they need on the device they choose through a system that unifies and consolidates the way you can manage those endpoints can be a win-win for users and IT alike!

The Cloud

The easy fix it would seem to the issue of complexity is centralizing and standardizing an entire system on a single cloud platform. It’s also an unrealistic dream. Cost of subscription would only make it an unattainable pipe dream for most companies. 

The fact is technology is moving towards the cloud, and a sound plan should incorporate at least some aspects of the cloud. A majority of organizations find a winning strategy when they integrate multiple cloud platforms, often choosing a hybrid on-prem off-prem solution. The reason? Flexibility, pure and simple. One cloud platform might work well for content collaboration, but it doesn’t necessarily do what you need for delivering apps or services to distant users. 

For several years now, developers in the industry have focused on pushing the boundaries of virtualization and building toolsets that make the management of various services and devices easier to secure and operate. 

A secure digital workspace provides a single place for people to securely access all their apps, desktops, and data from anywhere. 

Employees become more productive and engaged because they get a consistent single sign-on experience, no matter how or where they work, including:

  • Any device
  • Any cloud
  • Any network
  • Any type of app—cloud/SaaS, web, mobile, Windows

On the back end, a secure digital workspace gives IT unified security and control without the cost and complexity of managing multiple point solutions. Plus, they can simplify endpoint management and security, which is a good thing since the number of network-connected devices is expected to be almost 50 billion connected devices by 2020.* 

For those at the wheel making decisions for the business and focused on the horizon, it’s essential to understand how exactly a secure digital workspace can help you increase the agility of the company. Think of how you can onboard employees and offices faster and roll out new services and apps in less time, you—and your users—can respond to new opportunities in ways you never thought of before. 

If you’re finally ready to leap into the cloud, be sure to deliver a strategy that works not only for the business but your workforce as well. You don’t have to explore those options alone. 

CMD Technology Group works with businesses in a variety of industries and all at different stages of their digital transformation. We offer free assessments based on your goals to select the right technology within your budget and place your business in a position where it can continue to grow as cloud services continue to mature. 

To learn more about how a secure digital workspace can make your users more productive, simplify IT, and deliver the security and agility your organization requires, download our e-book today. If you are interested in workspace solutions from our other partners, please reach out to us. We are happy to answer any of your questions. | 407-442-0265


* “Number of network-connected devices per person around the world from 2003 to 2020,”

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